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Reduce superannuation for Politicians

Is it time Politicians are treated the same as you and I when receiving superannuation?

Author: Media Release/Tuesday, September 3, 2013/Categories: Policies, Regulation, Press Releases

Is it time that Politicians are treated the same as you and I?

Currently all politicians receive an accelerated contribution scheme relating to their last years income.

If a politician does two terms in parliament and decides to retire (this could be at any age) he/she will receive superannuation for the rest of his/her life.

Furthermore, a Politician’s partner receives a large percentage of the super pension upon the death of the politician!

It is time that politician’s perks and rewards are examined given they are being treated as a privileged few and are being viewed as having their snouts in the public trough. I'm sure people who try to survive on the age pension would like to be treated the same as ex-politicians in retirement.

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