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Are you sick of the damn traffic?

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Author: Media Release/Sunday, June 9, 2013/Categories: Recent News

The traffic gridlock in metro areas can be overcome by expanding and improving the road design, introducing more freeways, ring roads and tunnels and by reducing the cost of public transport. We also need to improve the attitude of the RMS (formerly RTA) who currently do not want to improve the roads as it may encourage more users.

Did you know that all the traffic lights in New York City are synchronized?

When you drive down 7th Avenue at the prescribed speed limit, you receive green lights all the way.
How stress-free would your morning commute be if our Sydney roads were managed the same way?

Have you ever considered the impact of reduced speed limits?

If traffic travels at 40km/hour ('slow zone'), only 1600 cars will pass a fixed point in an hour.
However, if we increase the rate to 60km/hour, 2400 cars can pass the same point.

If we convert the above delays in traffic (due to ‘slow zones’), into dollars, it can be seen that 800 less journeys occur in each direction. Based on the average weekly earnings, each ‘slow zone’ could be costing the community up to $180,000 per day.

Traffic congestion causes lost productivity, stress, frustration and aggression.
We can improve these problems,
if the federal government provided more funding for road infrastructure.

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