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March Newsletter

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JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS

Small business accounts for more jobs than any other sector of the community, if we are serious about creating more jobs, it is time we helped small business to create the jobs.

An easy solution would be to reduce Private Company Tax from 30% to 25% which would provide additional funding to help expand small business and create additional employment.

You may ask how the economy can afford to take this drastic step. Well if we can increase the number of people in employment, we will increase the income tax taken from wages and salaries which in turn will assist in replacing the tax.

The reason why Private Companies should have their tax reduced is because unlike individuals, companies are taxed on retained profits which can be re-invested into the company to help expansion conversely the opportunity for the company to grow and employ more people.

Review of Government Controls on the Building Industry

Its time the Building Industry received a complete review to wipe out the unjustifiable controls and regulations which are imposed on buildings for no good reason.  Many controls imposed by Local Councils have grown like topsy, because some individual bureaucrat who has no experience in the commercial world inflicted their ideas on society without any restriction.

Recently, a Local Council granted Development Approval on a site which was subjected to land slide, Council imposed a condition on the approval that a Geo-technical Engineer had to prepare a report on the site. This report then had to be reviewed by a Second independent Geotechnical Engineer and then the report and the review must be submitted to Council’s Engineer for approval before Building Approval would be issued.  The applicant is required to pay for the report and review and a fee for Council to grant approval. Because bureaucrats have no controls placed over their actions in our current system and they have no consideration as to costs they impose on the building industry, they are free to impose any demands they wish.

The cost that the Regulators and Law makers impose on a simple dwelling house exceeds 40% of the overall cost of the product for very limited effect. It is time we demanded that to reduce the cost of building, a complete review take place by non-Government personnel to ensure that controls are cost effective.                          


Who is running “ASYLUM”? Are our elected representatives in control or do they leave the management of the shop to bureaucrats with requests to remove trees being refused in most cases after paying fees for the request to be considered. How many trees are to fall, how many people are to be killed, how many houses are to be damaged,  before legislation is introduced to restrict Local Council’s imposing draconian Tree Preservation Orders inflicting pain on the rate payers. It is time that the State Government Introduced legislation to allow certain trees to be removed provided a replacement tree is planted.


Do you have a problem with Traffic congestion?

Have you ever thought how traffic congestion could be solved?

1.       In New York when you drive down 7th Avenue you will find that the traffic lights are synchronized so that when you receive a green traffic light at one end of the street, you will find that you will not be stopped for the full length of 7th Avenue, receiving green lights all the way. How easy would it be to stop at Broadway in Sydney, and then receive every green light to Parramatta? It does not seem to be very difficult and would reduce traffic delays.


2.     If we have traffic flowing at 40k/h and there is a 25m per car space, we will have 1600 cars per hour pass a fixed point on the road. If we increase the flow rate to 60k/h, there will be 2400 cars per hour. If we increase the flow rate to 70k/h, there will be 2800 cars per hour.

The question needs to be asked should our main traffic routes have their speed limits increased to 70k/h to improve the flow rate on all main roads. Further, the 40k/h school zones on main roads must also be questioned, as when there are several schools on the one main road you will find very heavy congestion as is experienced on Pennant Hills Road.

Traffic congestion causes lost productivity, stress, frustration and aggression. If we convert the delays in our traffic to dollar terms in school zones, it can be seen that if there were 800 less journeys per hour occurring in each direction, then that could equate to say $20,000. Each School zone could be costing $80,000 per day which we the community pay for.

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