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Are building controls actually out of control?

Author: Media Release/Saturday, December 1, 2012/Categories: Recent News, Press Releases

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Are building controls justified or out of control?
Did you know that when you apply for a ‘Development and Building Approval’ from your local council for an alteration to your home, you will have to pay a stream of fees that may have no direct relationship to your project?

Charges vary from council to council but can include the following for a $200,000 project:
1. A council fee simply to consider your development application
2. Advertising of your application in the local papers or a fee for notifications to adjoining neighbours 
3. Fees for consultants to supply details with the application including: Landscaping Design, Geotechnical Study, Construction        Management Plan, Sediment Control Plan, Hydraulic Engineers Plan, Structural Design and Structural Adequacy
4. Enforcement levy
5. Section 94A contributions to Council at the rate of 1%
6. Multiple inspection fees for Council to inspect the grass verge, kerb and gutters for any damage
7. Hydraulic assessment fee 
8. Road opening permit
9. Bush Fire Consultants fee
10. Acoustic report 
11. Asbestos report
12. Construction Certificate fee 
13. Security deposit against damage to council property
14. A street tree planting fee
15. Street Alignment Levels fee (Randwick $697) 
16. Some council's require a Quantity Surveyors Estimation of cost of works.

All these fees are to check if you are complying with the wish or whim of an individual Council Officer and regularly have no benefit to the proposed development. Obtaining an approval from Council can cost as much as 10% of the total cost of the end product. That is $20,000 out of your pocket on top of a $200,000 development. And it doesn’t end there. There is still the cost to satisfy conditions of Development Approval and some projects can incur additional costs between 10% to 20%.
As you can see, a $200,000 project can quickly turn into $250,000, so it’s no wonder we have a problem with building affordable housing.
We would appreciate your feedback on the above and to hear of your experience with building compliance costs.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. We hope that the political landscape may take a turn for the better for all Australians in 2013.

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