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Building a prosperous future for Australia. Information on the progress of the Party and commentary on topical issues.
Renovating Government

Message from the Chairman

It’s interesting to note that the O’Farrell government upon being elected has coincidentally adopted the Building a Better Australia Party’s mantra of Building a Better Future by embracing the first four objectives as indicated on the Party’s website. Obviously the Party’s rise has made the government cognoscente of the design profession’s and building industry’s dissatisfaction with the inefficiencies of local and State planning.

— Ray Brown, JP


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Councils Should Be Amalgamated

It is unacceptable in this day and age that there are so many Councils, the amount of duplication in all facets of Council administration and delivery is endemic. Super councils will bring with them efficiencies and a more collective ability to negotiate greater supply and labour discounts. Local Government beaucracy needs to be smaller not larger therein producing savings to ratepayers.

A New Motto for All Australians

“Don’t ask what the Government can do for you, but ask what you can do for the Government”. Every time someone asks for something from the Government someone else must pay. If the demands on Government are reduced the fees and charges on the community can be reduced as can be the cost of living.

Building Controls

Are our building controls justified with expanding red tape and conversely an increase in costs justified for the end means? Many controls placed on applications by Council Planners have no consideration for the cost to the individual or is any cost assessment done in relation to the results. Maybe it's time that some Planning Controls should be restricted to buildings other than the family dwelling house? 

Overseas Aid

What does overseas aid do for the Australian tax payer, does it help Australia? Should aid only be in the form of goods and services purchased from within Australia? This would help the agricultural industry, the shrinking industrial industry and the academic community. The aid money would be spent in Australia for Australians whilst providing the goods and services for the country in need of assistance as well as knowing where the aid is being used. The aid given to Indonesia could be in the form of increased live cattle which would assist our cattle industry, as well as maintaining the aid given at present in cash.  

We Need Your Support

For those who have overlooked paying their membership fee as indicated on the recently sent out tax invoice, could we ask you to please send in or direct transfer the $20 as soon as possible? Your ongoing support is appreciated and crucial for our party’s growth. 

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