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September Newsletter

Author: Media Release/Saturday, September 1, 2012/Categories: Recent News

Building a prosperous future for Australia. Information on the progress of the Party and commentary on topical issues.
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Renovating Government

Message from the Chairman

One of the big issues that young people are facing today is the affordability of housing and we are planning to pursue a policy of addressing this problem with the major parties by cutting red tape and Government charges.

— Ray Brown, JP


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Agriculture and Mining

Gas mining must be deferred until such time as we know that our agricultural land is safe for production of our daily food needs. We cannot eat gas/minerals therefore we should protect our agricultural industries firstly and foremost. Also, when we import food supplies from other countries do we know if their standards of production and handling protect the Australian consumer? Unless we have our own regulators applying strict health standards on food coming from foreign countries, how can we guarantee protection of our communities’ wellbeing?

Illegal Building Work

Prior to the introduction of the Local Government ACT of 1994, there was power for Council's under the 1919 Local Government ACT to legalise illegal building work via a Section 317a Certificate. Today Council’s do not have this power, but have been given a “claytons power” under the EP&A Act in the form of a Building Certificate under Section 149.This Certificate only states that Council will not take action against the owner for 7 years for any illegal work. This does not stop the neighbour or any other person from taking action. One must be aware of the limitations of this section and not be caught out by an aggressive neighbour.

Burning on Rural Properties Out of Bush Fire Season

Rural land owners and occupiers are required to obtain a Permit before they can carry out any burn off of weeds or other waste vegetation on their properties in the off season in order to reduce the fire risk in the summer months. This is not justified and is just another imposition on the rural community which can inadvertently lead to summer bush fires and the requirement must be removed.

Government Waste on Climate Change

The CSIRO wastes precious research dollars, paid for by our Government, for controlling methane emissions from cows. Jennifer Marohasy an Environmental writer in “The Land” newspaper of the 19 July 2012, reported that this was a complete waste of funding, as termites emit more methane than all cows and camels in Australia put together.

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