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All Policies of the Building a Better Australia Party

Author: Media Release/Thursday, March 21, 2013/Categories: Policies


Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Reduce the cost of land by making more building blocks available.
  • Support the establishment of a revolving infrastructure fund to reduce the initial cost of land to the home owner.

A major obstacle to development is the up-front infrastructure cost.

The cost of infrastructure will be paid for initially by the fund. Over a period of years the home owner repays the fund through their rates and other user charges.

Deferring this up-front cost will have the added benefit of spreading the cost of infrastructure over subsequent owners and not be such a hefty cost burden to the initial purchaser.

Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Reduce unnecessary costs created by over-regulation and establish an Independent Building Commission.
  • The Independent Building Commission will evaluate all legislation and regulations that affect the Building, Construction and Planning Industries to ensure relevance and consistency.
These two incentives will create a more streamlined process which will save time and money for both the industry and the consumer.

Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Review the new Home Owners Warranty Insurance scheme.
  • Claims under the current system can only be made as a 'last resort'.
There are only four instances in which an owner can claim:
- Death of builder.
- Insolvency of builder.
- Disappearance of builder.
- Cancellation of licence in response to failure to comply with court orders.

Building Australia wants to ensure Home Owners are paying a fair premium for the service they are receiving.


Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Always favour sustainable and environmentally sound development, by incorporating in new dwellings the latest cost-efficient technologies in energy and water saving.
At all times make decisions to ensure a better outcome and to reduce the impact on the environment in relation to all policy decisions;

However, it is not the intent of the Building a Better Australia Party to be totally green at all cost.

  • Future generations have a right to inherit a living and sustainable planet.
Our generation has to secure the future growth of regional Australia by implementing plans to better manage our fragile river systems.

Long considered the nation’s agricultural heartland and food bowl, accounting for nearly forty per cent of our agricultural production, the Murray-Darling basin is a river system in trouble.

Enormous strain has been placed on the Basin’s communities, industries and natural environment by a combination of prolonged and severe drought, emerging changes in the climate and the impact of past water management decisions.

In 2010, inflows into the Murray were at record low levels and without adequate water, the basin’s ecosystems will continue to decline.
This will threaten many species, the viability and productivity of Australian agriculture and rural and urban water supplies.

Currently up to 40% of water is lost even before it reaches the farm through mere evaporation.

Using less water doesn't have to mean fewer jobs or a reduced amount of food. It does mean we have to be more efficient.

Substantial water savings could be made by increasing efficiencies, particularly for conveyance water, through lining channels and piping water to reduce seepage and evaporation.
This should be done as a partnership between government and irrigators and would be a win-win for everyone, especially the environment.

The Building a Better Australia Party believes a suitable outcome can be achieved, for existing communities and the environment, through better collection and management of the resources.

  • Supports the growth and viability of Australia's inland towns and will support investment in state-of-the-art irrigation systems which use a fraction of current water volumes to achieve the same or greater food and fibre output


Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Assist all residents access to Public Health and an efficient Public Health system.
Supports nurses in their pursuit of an improved Nurse to Patient ratio in our hospitals.

Support the construction of Regional Centres of Excellence in specialist medical care, to provide confidence to people settling in a regional area.
This would relieve rural and regional residents of the need to travel to Sydney and Newcastle in order to receive specialist medical attention.
  • Be proactive in the field of preventative medicine.
Support the establishment of accessible eye, ear and dental specialist services to complement our existing medical services and take a positive and proactive role in the future all round health of our population.
  • Acknowledge the vital role of Carers in the management of our senior and disabled residents.
Our public system could never replace the personal and loving attention that Carers bring into a relationship.
These unsung heroes need to be better supported and the Building a Better Australia Party is here to listen and learn.


Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Aim to make housing more affordable, homeownership more achievable and to build a better Australia.
  • Reduce costs and unnecessary planning delays for new homes, additions and alterations, through an extension of the existing Complying Development Code to take into account most land zones and development situations. Harmonise planning controls and submission requirements across the various council jurisdictions.
This will allow planning applications to be prepared with certainty, saving homeowners time and money. Projects would be approved in an efficient manner which allows construction to commence with a minimum of delay thereby reducing the cost for the owner.
  • Review the existing Workers Compensation Act to clarify responsibilities of business.
  • Establish and industry-based fund to cover costs associated with injury or illness of building and construction industry workers.
  • Arrange for workers compensation premiums to be collected at the Building Approval stage to ensure a more equitable “user pay” principle.
Currently the bulk of Workers Compensation Insurance premiums are collected from a small percentage of employers.
This places an unfair burden on these employers and does not accurately spread the cost of benefits paid out to recipients.
Under the present Workers Compensation Act the rules and guidelines determining the status of contractors and employees are obscure and have been since inception.
Building a Better Australia Party proposes to amend the Workers Compensation Act.

The cost of Workers Compensation Insurance should be significantly reduced by spreading the true cost of compensation across the whole of the industry.

These proposed alterations will eliminate the current uncertainty experienced due to ambiguous guidelines that are subject to individual interpretation.
  • To better utilise existing infrastructure and to provide for our increasing population, the Building a Better Australia Party proposes the establishment of sustainable, ongoing decentralisation programs.
A well managed public transport system can be the barometer of a well run and managed state. Building Australia believes the on again, off again North West rail link needs to be built and built now.

To reduce traffic on major highways and to assist in the prosperity of our major regional centres, rail and transport hubs should be created to boost employment. This would complement the existing established farming and rural activities. All major interstate rail links need to be improved and integrated with other existing State and Territory systems.

All this would break down the deadlock of inaccessibility that the tyranny of distance brings, as well as helping with the coordination of employment, transport and other essential infrastructure building.


Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Introduce a scheme whereby vocational licensing becomes recognition of an individual’s skills and not just a method of consumer protection.
The whole community can gain benefit from the proposed national vocational licensing scheme through a fresh approach to licensing and the setting of realistic benefits and goals to be gained from a National Licensing program.

Building a Better Australia Party support Association membership of industry participants and recognise the important role that industry associations play in training and mentoring new entrants into industry.
  • We support the individual’s right to work as he or she chooses.
Building a Better Australia Party intends to reinforce and ensure the status of contractors in all industries.
Australia is a world leader in the field of Contracting and the use of Sub Contract labour.

However due to pressure from some minority groups over recent years, the definition of a contractor and the sub contract system has been significantly eroded.



Building a Better Australia Party will:

  • Overcome Traffic gridlock in metropolitan areas by a combination of making public transport workable and the number one choice of transport mode as well as expanding and improving the road design by changing the attitude of the traffic managers who do not want to improve the roads, as their view is it may encourage more users.
  • In recognising that ‘not all’ are able to use public transport, the road pattern needs to be holistic, by providing alternative streamlined links between major carriers and retail/business hubs. We need to think smarter and spend more Federal dollars on road infrastructure planning and stop wasting funding on failed short sighted and short term fixes. Also, the charges for public transport use should be minimised in order to encourage people out of their cars.

    The Building a Better Australia Party asks how long does it take for successive governments and RMS bureaucrats to solve traffic problems, where is the long term sustainable plan?

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